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Sovereign Royal Care founder Deborah Burggraaff (right) with sister Dr. Barbara Ann Burggraaff and 98-year-old grandmother Elizabeth Burggraaff.

Sovereign Royal Care Founder and CEO Deborah Burggraaff (right) with sister Dr. Barbara Ann Burggraaff and 98-year-old grandmother Elizabeth Burggraaff

Our Philosophy

Sovereign Royal Care’s goal is to help our communities and the needs of the elderly in their residences, which can include their home or an assisted living facility or nursing home. We understand that our company is helping to solve one of the biggest healthcare and economic challenges of our lifetime. We take care of our aging population at a reasonable cost compared to assisting living or nursing homes. Surveys with seniors have shown that they prefer to age in their own private home or assisted living facility, and our service is the best choice for this setting. Every senior has unique needs and Sovereign Royal Care’s home care services are specifically designed to meet the different aspects of each client. Each client is given the understanding, dignity, respect, and special and individualized care they deserve. Using our state-of-the-art online “Family Room” platform and mobile caregiver portal, loved ones and family members receive information on upcoming schedules, the home caregiver team, medications, invoices, and even details down to the projects that were completed during each shift. Sovereign Royal Care has big aspirations and we’re making progress on these one day at a time. For more information, contact (740) 777-0261,  sovereignroyalcare@gmail.com or sovereignroyalhomecare.com.

About the Owner

Deborah Burggraaff, founder and CEO of Sovereign Royal Care, is a successful businesswoman, and is helping her mother, who has Alzheimer’s Disease and her father, who has Parkinson’s Disease. She had a distasteful experience and found herself frustrated with the level of care with an agency she hired for her father. So she decided to start her own company which would ensure proper care and dignity toward Sovereign Royal Care’s clients. She prefers that her father stay in his home indefinitely and would love for her clients to do the same.

Prior to joining Sovereign Royal Care, Ms. Burggraaff held numerous leadership roles, including CEO of Burggraaff Cleaning Services, a commercial and residential statewide cleaning company, and director of operations at CK Property Group, a private, family-owned commercial investment group in Columbus, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree magna cum laude from Franklin University and also acquired her MBA from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

Deborah looks forward to helping area families with their needs and helping caregivers find meaning and purpose in their work. It has become a passion. For Deborah, Sovereign Royal Care is not just a job or simply running a business, but a true calling and a fulfilling mission for her community.

“My mother, Margaret, will be 77 years old this spring. During her life, she has served many people as a nurse for over 30 years. My mother was my best friend, but I have lost her to Alzheimer’s disease. It has taken away her ability to speak, walk, and take care of her own basic tasks. I miss her so much. Due to circumstances out of my control, I am not my mother’s guardian. But I still want her to live a comfortable and enjoyable life. When I visit her in the nursing home, I take care of her nails, her hair, I brush and floss her teeth, I feed her her favorite chocolate chip cookies. I rub her legs, feet, and hands with lotion so she has a little blood circulation flowing and I take her around the nursing home in her wheelchair. We still laugh and have a good time together as our connection will never die. This is what has inspired me to open Sovereign Royal Home Care!”

Deborah Burggraaff

Owner & Founder, Sovereign Royal Home Care

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