My mother, Margaret, will be 77 years old this spring. During her life, she has served many people as a nurse for over 30 years. My mother was my best friend, but I have lost her to Alzheimer’s disease. It has taken away her ability to speak, walk, and take care of her own basic tasks. I miss her so much. Due to circumstances out of my control, I am not my mother’s guardian. But I still want her to live a comfortable and enjoyable life. When I visit her in the nursing home, I take care of her nails, her hair, I brush and floss her teeth, I feed her her favorite chocolate chip cookies. I rub her legs, feet, and hands with lotion so she has a little blood circulation flowing and I take her around the nursing home in her wheelchair. We still laugh and have a good time together as our connection will never die. This is what has inspired me to open Sovereign Royal Home Care!

Deborah Burggraaff

Owner & Founder, Sovereign Royal Home Care

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