24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Care

Many surveys have shown that most, if not all, seniors would rather continue to live at home. This is because it gives them the freedom and independence to which they are used to. It also keeps them in their familiar surroundings, which is strongly recommended for seniors who are losing the gift of sight or suffering from degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. These seniors cannot live alone in their homes without help. Therefore, most families choose to hire our in-home care services for their cherished loved ones.

The advantages of live-in care or non-medical home care are numerous:

• Personalized care

• Companionship

• Help with day to day chores

• Help with personal hygiene

• Help with diet/nutrition

• Medication reminders

• Clients can stay in their familiar environment

• Clients get to keep their freedom and independence

• Qualified professional care

• Less expensive than a nursing home, respite care, or assisted living facilities

The cost of 24-hour in-home senior care is not as expensive as most people imagine, and it is less expensive than nursing home respite care or assisted living facilities. The cost of in-home senior care will varies depending on the number of hours our caregiver is spending with your loved one and on the level of care and the type of services needed to make sure that your loved one continues to be safe and well cared for in the home.

Sovereign Royal Care’s mission is to keep seniors safely and comfortably in their homes and provide the highest quality of care by exhibiting respect. If you find yourself or someone you love in need of this level of care, please feel free to contact us today at (740) 777-0261 or sovereignroyalcare@gmail.com, or schedule a free in-home consultation on the homepage of our website. We will share with you how we can assist with 24-hour home care and develop a customized plan that will keep you or your loved one safe and satisfied by meeting all your needs.

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